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Posted by grayfield Message # 1     Posted at July 13, 2016, 3:24 pm,     subject: XORO HMT 370 Firmware Update Problem  
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after years of being unhappy with the original firmware for the Xoro HMT 370, I found this forum and was excited to get your better firmware installed.

I did the following:

Installed the LLFirmware_loader_v3.1_for_Xoro_HMT370 into the unit. That worked and the unit booted into the text menu.

Extracted and copied all the files from LLFirm_V1.52_All_7inch_models onto an 8GB SD card and inserted it into the unit.

Started the firmware update from the SD. The following was displayed on the screen:

Welcome to the Listenlive Loader v3.1
Visit www.listenlive.nl for more information.


The system is busy with the selected task.

I waited for over an hour and nothing else happened.
I then searched the forums here and read about how important it was to install the firmware from an old 2GB SD card.
I decided that this must be the problem and formatted an old 2GB SD card in FAT32 format and copied all the files from the firmware zip file to the root directory of the 2GB SD card,
I removed the previous 8GB card and a message was displayed about a verify error and then the display went blank showing just 55! in the top left corner.
I rebooted the unit by removing the power cable, reinserting it and pressing the power button for 3 seconds.
It now just boots up to displaying the "Xoro" logo and no further. 

How can I get back to the recovery mode and properly install the firmware?

The serial number of the unit is XHMT370ABWB00230, according to the label at the bottom of the unit.