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Posted by Hiddenvision Message # 1     Posted at October 15, 2014, 2:28 pm,     subject: loader v2 upgrade for distvgo  
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Hi All,

I was very pleased to find this site for the firmware upgrade for my DisgoTV unit (distvgo001R).

My current About screen is


Model:KMP510.2 TVGo001R

Wifi: 00:0A:EB:AA:xx:xx (my mac is correct)

I have downloaded the v2 loader (LLFirmware_loader_v2_for_Disgo_RM001)

and also the latest firmware (LLFirm_V1.52_All_3.5inch_models)

but I am stuck on the first process for the loader update.

I am unable to do the initial firmware update to flash the loader.

I followed the instructions step by step but my radio does not seem to pass the screen titled "firmware update".

I did as instructed to copy the firmware-update.bin file to the internal memory

and if I select this as the source for update nothing more happens and the screen does not move to the expected confirm screen.

The radio just halts and I must do a manual repower or issue Reboot command, to start again.

I have also tried to put the loader on the sd card but I do not have the SD option in the firmware update menu.

The unit itself appears to work in all other ways, I can play DLNA content and files from the SD.

Any internet based content like radio, TV selection fails on Getting Data screen so I assume that the china servers are gone.

I have tried to check if it has recovery mode (holding the two buttons while power applied)

This seems to stop the unit on the first screen but nothing else and then I need to repower.

I can also advise that the "Default settings" menu also produces the same screen freeze requiring me to reboot via hard reset.

Does anyone have any sugestions how to complete the upgrade if it fails like this.?

I have telnet access:

Telnet access is still available when the "frezzing" occurs. allowing me to issue "reboot" and any other commands.

I can place and extract files onto the unit via tftp,

although I notice the Filesystem is mostly readonly.

I can see the required file is on the device both in windows and also via telnet.

I have even disassembled the jz-media-app and got a fair idea of the steps it goes thru to do the upgrade on both the original firmware and also the same with the loader files.

I can see that the commands for "default setting" were just rm two mnt's, then umount them and then reboot.

Thinking that I may be able to execute the loader upgrade process manually also. but worried I will brick it.

DNS Server:

In other efforts I also set up a small DNS on my system so that I could redirect the iradio168.com calls to my own server

Having iradio168 redirected at least makes if fail faster when I select Radio or TV on the device athough the shoutcast option must be looking elsewhere that I have not noticed yet. I can see the calls made to radio168 to get the radio and tv guides but do not know the structure of the replies to be able to pass back valid content, perhaps it is xml.??

Thinking, if I could do that, then at lease I could maintain my own radio/tv list if I could not get the proper upgrade done.

My aim though is to get the proper ListenLiveNL firmware working because I can see that it is far superior to the original.

Also tried to do the update over the "online" process if I spoof the name lookup but still no joy yet as it appears to just freeze again.

Other thoughts:

I am guessing that it has a console port on the board so I am happy to soldier onto that is I need to go even deeper to perform this upgrade/update.

I see the chatter about nand being marked as bad so if I do a dump of the nandinfo will that help, I think I can do that via telnet.

I am happy to experiment within reason, just trying not to brick my unit.

Any thoughts anyone.??


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Posted by penbex Message # 2     Posted at October 15, 2014, 3:41 pm,     subject: loader v2 upgrade for distvgo  
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Hello and welcome.

You should be able to perform the update manually via telnet.
However, there is a reason the update fails..

But first: Have you tried the RM002 loader for the Disgo?

Try that, if it fails mail me




Posted by Hiddenvision Message # 3     Posted at October 15, 2014, 3:52 pm,     subject: loader v2 upgrade for distvgo  
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Hi Penbex,

Glad to receive your assistance.

I have tried the RM002 version also, actually I think I tried that first so not sure if that could have caused any issues.

I can see from the current jz-app that it is RM001 at the moment,

The little telnet app I wrote makes taking to the unit very easy so if I can run any diagnostic commands just fire away.


Posted by penbex Message # 4     Posted at October 15, 2014, 5:29 pm,     subject: loader v2 upgrade for distvgo  
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I have send you a mail..
Posted by Hiddenvision Message # 5     Posted at October 26, 2014, 8:03 pm,     subject: loader v2 upgrade for distvgo  
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Just a quick follow up to my firmware loading issues.

With the help of William I was able to upgrade the radio to his latest version of firmware.

He is without doubt the master of these devices.

With some discussion I also wrote a small remote control application and although is still under development it is available for download if anyone wants to try it out.

I am not that hot on making things with pretty front ends so it may appear very techy but it functions well.

You can even import your own picture of a remote and map the buttons to the desired functions.

There is currently no "help" but I can answer any questions you may have.

There is also no installer, just a zip file to be unpacked into a new folder and an exe to run.

If you find that your machine requires the OCX/DLL's then I can produce a full installation program if asked.

The software has a lot of scope but some of my thoughts require some extra commands and this relies on "Penbex" so it will be best to get some feedback and feature requests together to make making a new firmware version worthwhile.

I shall start a thread in the correct "Remote Development" discussion so any comments or requests should be pointed there.

The link to the Application will also be in that Thread.


Posted by BlackBlade Message # 6     Posted at February 17, 2018, 7:59 pm,     subject: loader v2 upgrade for distvgo  
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Hey from the future
So I know some time passed, but the device was shelved at home till now, that had the issue and look for ways to get a new version
Have the same issue, I can't seem to update, and you guys did not seem to say how you solved it

Wanted to ask if there is any chance you remember? I have the same model same version