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Forum index Forum: Device: SkyTC - KMP510 (Envivo Otek Xenta Arnova) Topic: WIWA eRTV208 - need oryginal firmware Last replied to: August 31, 2012, 2:57 pm Back to post view
Posted by wdobry Message # 1     Posted at May 10, 2012, 7:04 am,     subject: WIWA eRTV208 - need oryginal firmware  
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 LCD on my Wiwa is corrupt ( the horizontal white line across the screen).
Equipment still in warranty, and only because I must return to the original software.
Can anybody help me?

Posted by pauluspaulus Message # 2     Posted at August 31, 2012, 10:23 am,     subject: WIWA eRTV208 - need oryginal firmware  
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Did you finally manage to get original Wiwa firmware ? I'm going to replace original FW with Listenlive but definitely want to be able to go back to original one for guarantee reasons.

Posted by penbex Message # 3     Posted at August 31, 2012, 2:57 pm,     subject: WIWA eRTV208 - need oryginal firmware  
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It is technically possible and I have the contents of the Wiwa.
However, I am not supporting this step of going back to the original firmware.

The reason is that the original firmwares contain a time bomb (also referred to as killerbug).
This timebomb does the following: it will randomly (mostly towards the end) of the flash memory destroy some blocks.
As long as the bomb kills unused memory blocks you will not notice the problem (unless you would perform a bad block check)
However, when the bomb trashes some memory block that is used by the firmware for storage, the results are that you for example can no longer get wifi working or not save settings anymore.
When the bomb hits some memory block that is required for the device to boot, then the device is dead.
Since the Chinese manufacturer does not provide a way to recover you either need to use warranty or, as most people experience, you are out of warranty and the only option is to buy a new device or have me solve the issue.
I do not want to be part of the scam the Chinese manufacturer is pulling and I do not encourage people to go back to or use the original firmware.

In case of warranty issues, I can tell you that I have seen only 1 box that had damaged RAM chips. I have seen a LOT of boxes that were hit by the timebomb (just returned fro mthe post office sending some fixed ones back to their owners)
I have seen devices that were dead right away (first power up) from the shop and talked to people who are now using their second or third device replaced under warranty. In all cases the device started with the logo screen where it stopped at the "internet radio logo" and then was dead. This is how the timebomb shows itself.

The listenlive firmware has a failsafe mechanism and the new loader allows the installation of the recovery mode, even when the recovery mode is not on the device yet.
Files for this will be released soon.

The solution is simple, if you really want to be able to go back to the original firmware then do not try the listenlive firmware and keep on using the original firmware until warranty expires ..