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Posted by Ulf1 Message # 1     Posted at May 9, 2012, 6:30 pm,     subject: HTM350 Kein Zugriff auf Upnp Device  
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Hallo Zusammen!

Konnte ohne Probleme die aktuelle Listenlive Firmware 1.4 auf meinem Xoro installieren.
Alles funktioniert prima, nur der Zugriff auf meine NAS / Upnp Laufwerke willnicht klappen

Das Naslaufwerk hängt an einer Fritzbox 7390. Alle anderen Geräte im Netz haben vollen Zugriff auf das Laufwerk.

Für einen Tip wäre ich sehr dankbar.

Posted by penbex Message # 2     Posted at May 9, 2012, 7:00 pm,     subject: HTM350 Kein Zugriff auf Upnp Device  
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With the 1.4 firmware there are two ways of connecting to a NAS.

Option 1: using Samba/CIFS
Here the device connects to your NAS via the Samba protocol. It probes the network for devices that answer to this protocol.
It first requests the "Master Browser" device on the network. This request should result in an answer with a valid IP address of the master device.
Then it does a lookupfor the workgroup. When this is completed, the device should have a list of devices it can connect to. This list should include workstations and NAS drives etc.
From there you get to see a list of devices and you can select one. This one will then be browsed and directory details should be displayed.
I am not sure why yet, but on some networks the initial device lookup can take up till a minute. Here it takes between 6 to 10 seconds.
On firmware 1.41 which is being finalized now I added some extra checks and error messages.

Some things that you should check are if the "workgroup" name under settings matches the workgroup name you are using on your network.

Option 2: using UPnP
When firmware 1.4 starts, it activates UPnP support. This means it sends a notification on your network that tells all devices there is a UPnP device that wants to know what other UPnP devices are present.
According to the documentation, all UPnP devices have to respond to that. Based on the response a UPnP server list is created.
I allow all devices that announce themselves as Mediaserver to be in the server list. All other devices (like tv devices and Internet Gateways) are ignored. These last devices can not render media and send it to our little player.. so they are useless. Once our little player is active, it listens on the network for any other UPnP device that gets connected.

In case of Internet Gateways aka routers that have a USB port to which you can hook a harddrive or flash disk.. I tested 3 routers and on all three you had to activate the media sharing for the connected drive. After doing that all routers I tested announced themselves (besides internet gateway) also as a media server.

Once the device is detected it can be browsed.

For UPnP there are some things you have to keep in mind, one is that the UPnP implementation is not always followed correctly and also the documents describing how everything should work are not always that strict.
As a result some devices are not working properly. This is not my experience but the experience from large scale projects like for example XBMC the mediaplayer project for the Xbox. `

Again, on firmware 1.41 there are some changes that should make it easier to find problems.
In general I think that our little player should be able to work with most UPnP devices but it might be needed to do some fixes.
I do not know yet why some of the UPnP devices do not answer when there is a request for what UPnP devices are connected.

If there are people having issues and who know how to work with Telnet and who have a few minutes to help out.. then we could check the device together and see what goes wrong.



Posted by Ulf1 Message # 3     Posted at May 10, 2012, 5:38 am,     subject: HTM350 Kein Zugriff auf Upnp Device  
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Hi William,

Thank you for your assistance!!

I reseted all settings concerning the Network and have now access to the NASdrive via FTP.
Upnp does not work; Mediaplayer is ticked. My old Xbox with Xbmc installed has no problem with the Upnp device.
All other computers and tablets can access this one too. No idea why this little guy not.

Another question: is there a manual available for the Firmware 1.4?
I could not make it to save favorites and activate a Screensaver or switch off the screen until media plays.

best regards, Ulf

Edit: Just found the solution for Favorites ...and a screensaver is not available at the moment I read about

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