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Posted by M0XDX Message # 1     Posted at January 31, 2012, 11:32 am,     subject: Recommended Stations  
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With such a large number of internet radio and TV stations it can be hard to choose what to listen to or watch, so I am starting a thread of recommended stations.


I would like to know of stations that people have found that others may find interesting.


My latest favourites are:


Live Marine Radio : A station monitoring the marine band on the South coast of  England. (Note: There are periods of silence when there is no ship traffic, so be patient!)

Beatles Radio: A great USA station playing only Beatles tracks.

Atlantic 252 Tribute station: A tribute to the 90’s Long Wave station.

Frequencycast: Very lively and interesting technical reviews on the latest gadgets etc.


To find any of these stations do a search on the "Radio stations" page and then add them to your favourites.

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Posted by M0XDX Message # 2     Posted at March 9, 2012, 11:34 am,     subject: Recommended Stations-Laser 558 Tribute station  
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For anyone that remembers the great offshore radio station in the 80's, Laser 558, there is a good tribute station I have added to the radio stations list.

They are playing music from the mid 80's and original Laser 558 jingles.