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Posted by penbex Message # 1     Posted at January 15, 2012, 10:16 pm,     subject: Remote control (Universal/Logitech Harmony)  
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Since there were a few reports of people not having their remotes or having broken remotes, I was looking for a cheap way to use a universal remote.
The only thing I need is a remote that is available and that supports one model that results in readable scancodes.

While going over my collection of remote controls, I noticed that a lot of the credit card style remote controls (yup, the ones with the crappy buttons) are working on our devices.
Not really great, but in case a replacement is needed, it is possible to use other remotes. The buttons are not matching so these have to be re-programmed.

However, I also noticed that the signals that the remote control that comes with the Penbex internet Radio devices transmits are also recognized.
This remote control has 45 buttons! Since these devices have been around for a while I checked if the Logitech Harmony is able to support that as well.. and turns out that it does.
The Logitech Harmony can be used on the Penbex devices when the "Centrios 131-5117" is selected.
The codes that the Logitech harmony transmits are readable by our SkyTC devices. However, the button alignment does not match.
If there is an interest in using the Logitech Harmony, I can align the buttons so that they make sense and can be used to steer our devices.

Although it is not really a cheap way it might be an option for some people. Anyway, I will check for an easier solution.






Posted by MarMan Message # 2     Posted at January 16, 2012, 12:21 pm,     subject: Remote control (Universal/Logitech Harmony)  
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William, first of all thanks for the brilliant work! 
Hi, I had the above mentioned problem of not having the remote to my Arnova. I did get a replacement remote and had my Logitech Harmony "learn" all the buttons. It is now working perfectly. If I can contribute in any way, let me know.